8 Properties of a great Concrete Floor Paint

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood Paints Limited on October 4th 2019
Selecting the right paint for your concrete floor is often more important than the rest of the work itself. The properties of the concrete floor paint you select will need to reflect what the floor is being used for, such as light footfall or heavy forklift traffic. It will also need to match up with your own preferences in terms of appearance; what kind of finish you would like, and what colour. Often we find that our clients are looking for something durable, hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing, but not all concrete floor paint is made equally, and you can realise a substantial saving if you appropriately assess which paint is the best fit for your requirements.

1. Suitability for your space

Each floor type requires a different type of concrete floor paint and a special approach to applying the paint. For example, applying a single pack water borne concrete floor paint will be moderately priced and suitable for floors which have light or moderate foot traffic, can often be applied very simply with a roller, and see excellent longevity when used in the right environment. A two pack solvent borne epoxy concrete floor paint will undergo a chemical reaction when the two parts are mixed together and will require the use of specialist protective workwear. These will be harder-wearing paints and suitable for heavier traffic, but tend to come at a higher price point.

Epoxy concrete floor paint comes in many different formulations. You can find it as water- and solvent-borne options. It is safe to use in garages, small offices, homes, and more. The epoxy range seals the concrete floor, adding longevity to the life of the floor as well as an attractive finish.

Polyurethane concrete floor paint is a highly durable option for concrete floors, but comes at a higher price point. These paints are suitable for much heavier traffic and can even be suitable for forklift traffic or outdoor use. Unlike its epoxy counterpart polyurethane is much less susceptible to UV rays meaning that it won't yellow as quickly under direct sunlight.

2. Moderate price

The price of the paint is important when considering what the budget for the project is. Of course different paints have different price points and sensible consideration of the floors usage and what properties are required of the paint should be given thought prior to the purchase.

You should also consider the coverage requirements and how many coats you would like to put down. Different paints have different coverages, so attention should be paid to the technical data, which is available on all of our Firwood products either via the products 'Downloads' tab on its respective page, or by getting in touch with the sales team who can also email a copy to you directly.

Whichever solution you decide to go with concrete floor paint is a very cost-effective solution to rejuvenating old concrete floors or sprucing up the freshly-laid concrete floor of a newly laid factory, industrial or MOT centre floor.

3. Great appearance

The paints finish is of significant importance. The quality of the paint from your supplier will be one of the keys to ensuring the finished project not only looks aesthetically pleasing but has a long lifespan.

The appearance is especially important when you are painting areas for public access such as showrooms, garages, etc.

Different types of paints have different finishes; another consideration for you will be whether to look for a gloss finish or something in semi-gloss or matt.

4. Protective properties

Concrete floor paints have varying properties, so consideration should be given to the properties you require. Will it need protective qualities? Does the floor need to withstand rain? Heavy traffic? Sunlight?

You will also need to consider what kind of chemicals will come into contact with the flooring. Will the paint need to have good resistance to oil, for example?

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5. Endurance

In other words: how long will it last? How often would you be happy to re-paint or touch up the floor paint job? If you want heavy traffic and purchase a budget or low-quality paint you can expect to have a very short lifespan for the work. If you are painting a small storeroom with light foot traffic, however, this budget solution may well be a good fit for the project.

6. Anti-Slip Properties

Depending on where your concrete floors are located you may wish to add an anti-slip aggregate so that the paint takes on an additional property. Covering warehouse flooring with a floor paint containing an anti-slip aggregate can help avoid accidents. In fact any flooring that has a chance of becoming wet would benefit from an anti-slip additive to reduce the risk of slips and accidents.

7. Abiding by the Law

Your own industry standards are also a consideration when selecting the right paint for your concrete flooring. For example, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has a requirement for floor paints to be lead-free. Certain levels of certain chemicals may also be restricted, especially for food manufacture or preparation facilities.

If laws governing your industry require you to follow certain guidelines Firwood will be able to help give you some options on suitable paints for your flooring. It may be a case that water-borne solutions are the most applicable, but some guidance can be offered via telephone or email with Firwood.

8. A Reliable Supplier

Finally it is important to find a supplier who is reliable. Able to offer excellent service, advice, and guidance. Here at Firwood we manufacture all our paints on-site at our purpose-built facility in Bolton. All of our staff are on the same site and are available Monday-Friday via telephone on 01204 525231 or via email at sales@firwood.co.uk for any enquiries you have on your floor paint requirements, be it guidance on the right solution for your paint project, quotation on pricing, or even help selecting an appropriate colour from our range.

Concrete Floor Paints from Firwood Paints Limited

Here at Firwood we have a wide range of floor paints available. Their uses vary and so it is best to research the products by reading their descriptions and looking at what applications they are used for.

If you do require assistance we have a technical sales team who are happy to help give some guidance. You can call us on 01204 525231 or email your enquiry to sales@firwood.co.uk

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