6 Steps To Prevent Your Floor Paint From Peeling

Posted in Firwood Hints and Tips by Firwood Paints on January 22nd 2016
There are a number of things to consider before painting any surface to minimise the risk of your paint peeling. Peeled paint not only affects the appearance of your floor, causing an unsightly mess, but it can also lead to frustration after you've spent a considerable amount of time applying it. Make every drop of paint count and create a smooth, resistant paint surface that won't crack or peel with this easy guide!

A Guide To Prevent Peeling Floor Paint

  1. Environment
Prior to carrying out any painting the substrate should be inspected to ensure that your selected product will adhere to the floor. If not, find out what action needs to be taken to suitably prepare it prior to painting.

You MUST ensure that the floor is clean, dry and free from contaminants before you begin to apply the floor paint.

  1. Preparation
Create a key in the floor surface. Dependent upon the condition of the floor and whether the floor has been previously painted, this can be done by grinding, sanding or using an acid etch primer.

  1. Priming
Not all floors/floor paints require a primer, however, in some instances a primer will adhere to a floor creating a tighter bond than some paints do. Advice should be sought prior to purchasing your product.

  1. Application
Application instructions should be precisely followed and drying and over coating times adhered too. Prior to painting ensure that enough time is available to correctly prepare and paint the floor accordingly.

  1. Product Selection
Your chosen floor product should be selected with care and consideration. Whilst the cost should be considered, we do not recommend picking the cheapest or the most expensive, our products have been developed and manufactured to meet the specification and requirement for a range of floors and environments, therefore, you should select your floor paint to meet you specific needs and expectations.

Things to consider are as follows:

  1. Substrate – is the floor concrete, cement or wood etc.
  2. Colour and finish
  3. Slip – resistance
  4. Expected level of traffic
Firwood have a range of floor products to suit the lower to top end budget based on your specific requirements, our technical advice and support service is available to help you with product selection and specification.

  1. Maintenance
Aftercare of the floors is just as important as preparation and application. Any spillages should be cleaned as quickly as possible, chemical and oil spills should be within 20 minutes. The use of harsh chemicals should be avoided.

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