5 Step Guide to Applying Wooden Floor Paint

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How to apply your wooden floor paint

Whether your wooden flooring has scuffs, marks, blemishes or mild damage such as small cracks, painting the flooring can be an excellent way to bring new life to the flooring. Whether you want to retain the wooden effect or play around with colours, you have many options on improving the appearance of the area.

This short step-by-step guide will help you prepare and paint your wooden floor. It also illustrates how simple the process can be.

1. Select the appropriate paint

The first step is to do some research on the appropriate wooden floor paint. The paint you select will depend on several factors. What type of finish are you looking for? A clear matt finish? A clear glossy finish? Perhaps you are looking to add a colour to the flooring. All of these are possible. Also consider the type of traffic passing over the flooring itself. How hard-wearing does the paint need to be?

If you need assistance selecting the right wooden floor paint for your project please feel free to email our team on sales@firwood.co.uk or give us a call on 01204 525231. One of our team will gladly help you with your enquiry.

2. Clear the work surface

You have selected your paint and it has been delivered. The next thing to do is clear the surface. This will mean moving all furniture out of the room and any other obstacles (including children, who aren't as much help as they think they are.)

Remember that, although floor paint can be quick to dry it also needs to cure. Please follow the instructions included on the technical data sheet of the paint regarding curing times to avoid damage to your paint job and be sure to leave the surface clear and without foot traffic for the recommended length of time.

3. Clean and prepare the surface

Next you will need to clean and prepare the surface for painting.

If the floor is already coated you will need to strip this back to the bare wooden surface. This may mean sanding the flooring. Hand sanding is suitable for small surfaces but you may find the finished work more satisfactory if you rent a floor sander. It will also be quicker.

Thoroughly clean the surface and allow to dry.

Also consider filling in large cracks prior to painting to ensure the surface is even.

4. Apply your wooden floor primer

Wood primers have excellent anti-corrosive properties. They also help improve resistance to spillages (see above mention of 'helpful children'). You can apply primers using brushes, remembering to start at the furthest corner of the room and working your way to the door to avoid getting trapped.

5. Apply the wooden floor paint

You have selected your paint, removed all obstacles and furniture, prepared the floor and cleaned it. The floor is also primed. You are now ready to apply your paint.

The first step here is to check the application instructions of the paint you have selected, as they do vary. As a general rule, most wooden floor paints require two coats. Two coats enhance the durability of the job as well as provide a better finish to the colour.

After your first coat is applied you will need to leave the flooring for anything from 24 hours upwards (again, check the instructions with the paint itself for an accurate guide) before applying your second coat.

Paint can be applied with brush and/or roller. Brushes allow for excellent control around the edges of the room, whilst a roller will help cover the bulk of the surface in a short amount of time. Again, remember that you should work from the furthest corner of the room towards the door.

After both coatings have been applied the flooring will need sufficient time to both dry and cure before you move everything back into the room and resume using the floor.

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Wooden Floor Paint from Firwood Paints Ltd.

Here at Firwood we have a long history of providing customers not only with the correct wooden floor paint to complete their job, but also the guidance in selecting the right solution. If you need any assistance in selecting your paint please feel free to email our team on sales@firwood.co.uk or give us a call on 01204 525231. One of our team will gladly help you with your enquiry.

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