Firwood Case Study - Solvent Storage Tank UK Using Anti-Corrosive Paints

Posted in Firwood Case Studies by Firwood Paints on February 11st 2016
The costs associated with corrosion can easily run into the many thousands of pounds, even in the smallest of chemical plants. Storage and processing equipment that was installed many years ago will certainly have deteriorated from the effects of corrosion in polluted atmospheres.

Here at Firwood, as the UK's leading high-quality, anti-corrosive paints, we are dedicated to providing only the very best products, and we are proud to say that one of our recently developed solutions has been used to effectively refurbish solvent storage tanks as an extremely cost-effective alternative to their replacement.

Solvent Storage Tanks Corrosion

Recently, we were contacted by an industrial business with solvent storage tanks, at a chemical works, which were in dire needs of refurbishment or replacement as a result of high-levels of corrosion. The company had carried out regular maintenance on the tanks with limited, and temporary, success.

The tanks themselves were structurally sounds, and had been checked for inconsistencies by in-depth ultrasound analysis which showed plate thickness in universal excess of 4mm. They had been in use for more than 40 years, and a diverse range of paints had been applied during this time – unfortunately, simply applying more paint over the previous coatings could not resolve the issues relating to corrosion.

A long-term solution was required, and this meant one of two options. The tanks would either need to be stripped down to the metal or-sound paint.
Rusted Solvent Storage Tanks

Long-Term Protection For Solvent Storage Tanks

Firwood 86 Two Pack Epoxy Surface Tolerant Flake Finish was selected to offer complete, lasting protection to the tanks. The Firwood team recently developed this product using a combination of unique technologies with the goal of preventing long-term corrosion, and has been tested against, in excess of 5,000 hours, hot salt spray.

Our product is fast-drying and easy to apply, and it leaves a bright, reflective finish which is designed to reflect sunlight and help to keep than tank's contents cooler.

Preparing The Surface of The Tank

The original coatings of the tank were removed to a sound, smooth layer using a needle gun and scraper, before the tank's exteriors was cleaned with a pressure washer and mechanically wire-brushed to remove any stubborn contaminants.
Rusted Liquid Storage Tank UK

Applying The Anti-Corrosive Primer

The first coat of the anti-corrosive primer was then applied using a radiator roller on all flat surfaces, as well as a traditional paint brush on all fittings and flanges.

The product itself was extremely easy to apply, and the entirety of the first coat was applied in less than 2 hours. As well as having the benefit of excellent coverage, the obliterating also proved to be extremely remarkable. Where pitting of the metal had occurred, the paint easily flowed into the corroded area.
Painting A Solvent Storage Tank
The next day, a second coat was applied, leaving the dry film thickness in excess of 100 microns.
Applying A Second Coat To Solvent Storage Tank

The Finished Project

Thanks to our high-quality, anti-corrosive paint, the tank itself is currently enjoying a new lease of life. The cost of the project was extremely small, and considerably less than the cost of storage tank replacement. Thanks to its high-performing resistance to corrosive atmospheres, it will also provide to be a much more sustainable solution in the long-term, when compared replacing or repairing assets in the future.
Solvent Storage Tank Painted With Firwood Paint

The bright aluminium finish of the tank reflects the sunlight effectively, helping to keep contents cool and returning the tank to its original high-quality appearance. When measured, the temperature of the tank which had been treated with Firwood 86 Two Pack Epoxy Surface Tolerant Flake Finish was significantly lower than its nearest rival; as much as 3O C lower, on average!

Achieve Outstanding Protection With Firwood's High-Quality Paints

Firwood are a leading manufacturer of anti-corrosive paints, we are dedicated to offering nothing but the very best paints, finishes and treatments for all of our customers' surfaces. If you're looking for high-quality, anti-corrosive primer for industrial applications, or even just the best products from the most experienced water-based paint manufacturer, get in touch with our team today on 01204 525231.

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