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STATEMENT FROM FIRWOOD PAINTS LIMITEDCovid 19 – Force Majeure supply notificationAs a highly valued customer to our business, I write to inform you of our current supply situation against the backdrop of the increasing Coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this week we (along with many companies) started to [...]
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Firwood Paints Limited Christmas Opening Times 2019

The team at Firwood Paints Limited would like to wish all of our customers an enjoyable and relaxing festive break. Over the festive period our opening hours will be as follows: Monday 16th December, 2019: 8:45am – 4:50pm Tuesday 17th December, 2019: 8:45am – 4:50pm Wednesday 18th December, 2 [...]
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5 Step Guide to Applying Wooden Floor Paint

How to apply your wooden floor paint Whether your wooden flooring has scuffs, marks, blemishes or mild damage such as small cracks, painting the flooring can be an excellent way to bring new life to the flooring. Whether you want to retain the wooden effect or play around with colours, you have man [...]
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8 Properties of a great Concrete Floor Paint

Selecting the right paint for your concrete floor is often more important than the rest of the work itself. The properties of the concrete floor paint you select will need to reflect what the floor is being used for, such as light footfall or heavy forklift traffic. It will also need to match up wit [...]
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12 Concrete Floor Painting Tips

1. Consider the Timings Before beginning your floor painting project it is important to consider the timings involved. When using floor paints this is very important. Check the manufacturer's instructions to check on the length of the pot life, what drying times are expected, and then choose the rig [...]
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What are the most important properties to look for in concrete floor paint?

You have made the decision that it is time to freshen up the look of your concrete floor, having grown tired of the old, unsightly bare concrete appearance. The most cost-effective and simple way to freshen up your concrete floor is to paint it, but which paint should you choose? Selecting the corre [...]
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What Is The Best Method For Painting A Garage Floor?

Applying garage floor paint has numerous benefits from the improvement of the floors appearance to the more practical such as wear and tear resistance and increased safety. All of this, however, will be in vain unless the correct methods and the correct materials are used. You will need to use the [...]
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What is the best floor paint for my concrete car garage?

A good quality floor paint can transform the look and durability of a garage floor. It is cheap and reduces the wear and tear on the floor, lengthening its lifespan. Painting your car garage floor can also increase anti-slip properties and even correct uneven floor surfaces partially. There are se [...]
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Use of Paint in Dipping Tanks

The application of paints by dipping can be a fast and efficient method of paint applications. There are, however, a number of factors to consider when choosing this method of application, viz.Choice of Paint Not all industrial paints are suitable for dipping, for example, some are prone to skinnin [...]
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Isocyanates: What are they?

Isocyanates are a family of highly reactive, low molecular weight chemicals. They are widely used in the manufacture of coatings such as varnishes and paints. You can find isocyanates in a number of products including polyurethane paints and coatings. Certain tasks, such as spraying, can produce ver [...]
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Troubleshooting Guide to Air Atomizing Spray Guns

At times your Air Atomizing Spray Gun may have a problem that you have been unable to solve. Here we will offer some common problems, the possible causes, and what the solutions are for each issue.Problem: Fluid leaking from packing nutCause & Solution: The cause can be down to either the packing nu [...]
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Christmas Opening Times 2018/2019

Christmas and New Year opening times 2018/2019The festive season is once again approaching and the hard working Firwood Staff will be taking a break over the Christmas period. Firwood will close at midday on Friday 21st December 2018 and reopen on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. All departments includin [...]
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Firwood Paints Winners of the BCF 2018 Coatings Care Progress Award

Winners of the BCF 2018 Coatings Care Progress AwardThe staff at Firwood Paints Ltd are delighted to have won and accept the British Coatings Federations 2018 Coatings Care Progress Award. We are judged against the whole of the UK industry for paint, ink and raw material suppliers.This great achie [...]
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Application of Anti-Mould Paint

How to apply FS42 Glixtone Fungi-Shield Black Spot & Anti-Mould Paint Application instructions for FS42 Glixtone Fungi-Shield Black Spot & Anti-Mould Paint Completely remove all traces of loose, flaking soft and friable paint back to a clean firm surface by scraping and or washing. Remove any ex [...]
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Glixtone Protective Coatings

Glixtone Protective CoatingsFirwood are excited to be able to now offer direct from stock a range of Glixtone products.Glixtone problem solving, decorative and protective products are manufactured by their parent company, Carrs Coatings, who have been manufacturing Paints for over 120 years and are [...]
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