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Delivery information and opening times over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend

Firwood Paints will be shut for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend from 1700 hrs Thursday 13 April 2017 and will re-open on Tuesday 18 April 2017. Customers requiring deliveries prior to Easter should place orders no later than:Tuesday 11th April for standard two day delivery service. and Wednesday 1 [...]
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Fond Farewell to Peter Lonnen

Firwood would like to say fond farewell to Peter who is retiring from the post of Commercial manager after over 20 years of working at Firwood. Peter has made a significant impact on his colleagues and will be duly missed by all. We thank Peter for his time here at Firwood Paints and wish him a l [...]
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Success at Firwood

An ageing work force is an issue for many areas of manufacturing industry and as a consequence it is good news when young school leavers look to manufacturing for their career. Reece Molyneux who has just completed his apprenticeship with Firwood Paints having joined the company directly from lea [...]
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Chlorinated Rubber Paint

Chlorinated rubber paint is a hard wearing and flexible coatings with a good resistance to water and chemicals.They provide anti- corrosive protection in locations such as coastal environments and chemical works. Firwood's highly effective range includes primers and top coats for a variety of dif [...]
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You Won't Find Gravy In Our Xylene

Following the controversial recall of Kania Gravy Granules from Lidl Stores after they were discovered to have been contaminated with xylene, we wanted to reassure our customers that they won't find gravy in our Xylene.Xylene is a colourless, flammable liquid with a sweet odour that exists in three [...]
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Fond Farewell

Today we say a fond farewell to David who is retiring after 17 years of working in our maintenance department.David has made a significant impact on his colleagues and will be duly missed by all. We would like to thank David for his time here at Firwood Paints and wish him a long and happy retirem [...]
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Good riddance to bad rubbish

Good riddance to bad rubbish The staff of Firwood Paints and residents of Oakenbottom Road can breathe fresh air again following the closure of the Chadwicks Waste Site adjacent to Firwoods Bolton Factory. Local residents were invited today to witness the last remaining lorry load of waste being [...]
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Forty years in the Paint Industry

A career in the paint industry is not necessarily the first choice for a graduate leaving university. The careers fairs are dominated by major employers in banking, accountancy and retailing. Smaller industries don't get a look in at these events but should not be overlooked by new graduates looki [...]
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Industrial Paint Systems

Using Industrial Paints Systems for long term protection of steel Paint systems are most commonly used for the long term protection of steel.As well as manufacturing and developing industrial paints and coatings we have a skilled technical department to assist with putting together paint systems i [...]
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How to apply magnetic paint

Follow these simple steps achieve outstanding results using Firwood magnetic paint. Apply a minimum of two good coats as the potential of the magnet to stick to the paint is dependent on the film thickness applied.1. Ensure that the surface is smooth, clean, dry and free from dust, grease, etc.Plas [...]
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Why Choose Magnetic Paint

High Quality Magnetic Paint Conventional magnetic boards attached to the wall inevitably over time collect dirt, grime and germs. For some environments such as hospitals and care homes this is a major issue. To thoroughly clean the area they need to be removed from the wall, the area the board is m [...]
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Firwood's Newest Addition To The Range Of Anti-Corrosive Primer

Long term protection Storage and processing equipment that was installed many years ago will certainly have deteriorated from the effects of corrosion in polluted atmospheres and the costs associated with corrosion can easily run into the many thousands of pounds. Firwood 86 Two Pack Epoxy Surface [...]
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About Bitumen Paint

Waterproof, weatherproof and cathodic protection with bitumen paint General purpose bitumen paint is ideal for use in areas where an effective waterproof, weatherproof, chemical and corrosion resistant protective coating is needed. Bituminous coating can be used both externally and internally. I [...]
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What Does For Professional Use Only Mean When Using Idustrial Paint

When looking at products on the Firwood e commerce site some will be labelled 'For Professional Use only' as they contain substances that are hazardous to the environment and human health. Use of these products is restricted by law to industrial and trade users only. Those industrial paints and c [...]
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Carbon Footprints - Floor Paints and Industrial Paints and Coatings

With an ever increasing interest in the effect of products from floor paints to industrial paints and coatings on the environment then the assessment of the carbon footprint is one of the indicators of the environmental impact of using one product rather than another. It may only be of passing int [...]
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