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Paint for Wooden Floors

Wooden Floor Paint - Firwood Paints UKFirwood manufactures a range of wooden floor paint for use on all types of wood surfaces. All products produce tough, hardwearing finishes with excellent resistance to abrasion.

Firwood 2602 - Wooden Floor Paint is a water borne, single pack, polyurethane floor coating that dries to a sheen finish. This product is quick drying and has good abrasion resistance. It is available in the full range of BS 4800 shades.

Firwood 2602 has a low odour formulation which makes it ideal for use on internal wooden floors and panelling. It is also available as an anti-slip coating with the addition of Firwood 209 - Polymer beads.

Firwood 94 - Single Pack Epoxy Gloss is a tough epoxy gloss finish with good adhesion and flexibility. It has good resistance to water, oils and greases, is fast drying and is easy to apply by brush or roller.

Firwood 94 can be used on concrete, wood and steel surfaces in both interior and exterior locations, making it an ideal single purchase coating for multi-surface application. It is suitable for pedestrian and light/medium wheeled traffic areas and is available in the full range of BS4800, BS381C and RAL shades.

Firwood 2700 - Two Pack Water Borne Epoxy Floor Seal is a multipurpose gloss floor seal that can also be used as an anti-slip coating with the addition of the fine aggregate included with the product.

Firwood 2700 is based on a solvent free epoxy system that has excellent resistance to chemicals, water, oils, greases and mechanical abrasion. It is suitable for use on concrete, stone, asphalt and wood surfaces and is ideal for use in areas of heavy traffic. When used with the aggregate it can also be applied to ceramic tiles to produce an anti-slip surface. A choice of 9 colours is available for this coating.

Why choose Firwood Floor Paints?
Firwood have supplied floor paints for over 80 years. We understand this specialist area of coatings application. Our products can be found in some of the UK's largest sports and football stadiums. We supply to car production lines, shopping malls, factories and warehouses. Smaller jobs remain importnat to us and we still welcome enquiries from the general public for domestic applications such as pigmented and clear coatings for wooden floors, tyre resistant paints for garages etc.

Give us a call, we are here to help you.

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