Product Range

Floor Paint & Sealer

Firwood have floor paints and sealers for use on concrete, timber and metal surfaces. All products produce tough, hardwearing finishes with excellent resistance to abrasion. Firwood floor paints are used in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Floor Paint Floor Paint

Firwood floor paints are in everyday use on industrial, commercial and domestic flooring. Be it your garage floor or a production line there is a product to suit. Select your coating based on the type of floor to be coated and the level of traffic expected.

Anti Slip Floor Paint Anti Slip Floor Paint

Hardwearing floor paints with anti-slip properties giving enhanced safety to slippery areas. Avoid claims for slips by the correct selection of anti-slip floor paints. All the products in this range have been tested for their anti-slip properties using the HSE approved Pendulum Test, the preferred method of testing slip resistance in the U.K.

Clear Concrete Floor Seal Clear Concrete Floor Seal

A range of seals that provide a tough durable finish with good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Wood Floor Seal Wood Floor Seal

A range of products suitable for the protection of timber surfaces in both high or low traffic areas.

Line Marker Line Marker

Designed for the marking of lines on concrete, timber and asphalt surfaces. Products possess excellent resistance to abrasion.

Anti Slip Tape Anti Slip Tape

A range of self adhesive, slip resistant tapes that can be used throughout your premises both indoors and outdoors.

Block Paver Seal Block Paver Seal

Designed to seal the block surface to prevent penetration by contaminants and to improve the aesthetic appearance.

Asphalt Paints Asphalt Paints

Durable coatings for use on asphalt and tarmac surfaces in both exterior and internal applications

Degreaser Degreaser

Powerful degreaser designed to remove surface contaminants prior to coating. Can be used on concrete and metal surfaces.

Concrete Etching Fluid Concrete Etching Fluid

An acid etching solution designed for the pre-treatment of concrete surfaces prior to painting.

Anti slip additives Anti slip additives

For the addition to both pigmented and clear floor paints to improve their anti slip properties.

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